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Managed Security Services

Managed Services focus on round the clock comprehensive protection of your digital assets by Secureinteli, so that you can focus more on core competencies and what is strategic to the businesses. Our security experts provide 24/7 monitoring of your digital estate from our ISO 27001 certified Global Security Operations Centre. By entrusting us with the management of your security operations, you are ensured of seamless monitoring, regular alerts, round the clock protection and faster response, resulting in enhanced security posture, real time cyber defence readiness and improved resilience for your organisation.

The Core Pillars in Managed Services
  • Strict adherence to global standards and compliance requirements.
  • Continuous innovation and improvement.
  • Adoption of AI/ML and RPA to elevate performance and efficiency.
  • Technologies we adopt are the best in the industry and the best for your requirements.
  • We help to optimize the technologies currently in use.
  • Our proven shared services model effectively minimizes your TCO.
  • Vast pool of experts in various security domains.
  • Flexible skill engagement models to suit specific customer needs.
  • Access to global talent pool of highly skilled resources for specific technology areas