Cyber Risk Assessment

Globalization and the pandemic have rapidly expanded the attack radius and adversaries have been using more sophisticated tools and techniques. A breach can lead to revenue loss and irreparable damage to the brand.

Risk Assessment help customers to achieve:

Enhanced Security Posture and Resilience
Real Time Defence Readiness
Effective Response and Mitigation Abilities
Risk Assessment Offerings

We offer tailored solutions for each business and industry. Below are a sample set of offerings:

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

This assessment covers Applications, Infrastructure, Remote Workers, Digital Footprint, API’ s, Configurations Reviews, IOT/OT environments and more. This assessment also covers comprehensive threat hunting, need basis.

Our Approach

Our risk assessment process aligns with industry standards and best practices. We provide a detailed report outlining threat vectors affecting your business. Steps involved in our risk assessment are:

  • Define goals and objectives.
  • Scope out the enterprise’s digital footprint.
  • Identify critical assets / crown jewels
  • Conduct Threat Modelling
  • Perform comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Generate Reports
  • Deliver Executive Presentation