Case Studies

As businesses expand their online presence, it’s more important than ever to ensure their websites are secure from malicious actors. Our case studies demonstrate how our innovative cybersecurity solutions help businesses protect their digital data and stay ahead of the curve. Read on to learn how we can help you protect your business from threats.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Backed by our proven cyber security framework we help you build a resilient enterprise cyber security strategy, implement best of bread solutions, manage your security operations and sustain a resilient security posture to avert attacks and stay secure.

Technology Integration

By fusing business acumen with industry leading cyber security frameworks we provide a realistic approach to architect and implement best of breed cyber security technology platforms aligned with your network, business and regulatory framework working in unison across application , network , cloud , data centres and end points delivering an integrated IT Security Operations platform making security work as 1.

Managed Security Services

BizCarta Managed Security Services brings together industry leading security platforms and Global Threat inteligence to provide you full spectrum Security services that is architected around the primary security triage of CIA – Confidentiality , Integrity and Availibility at the foundation layer and Elevates into the Predict , Detect , Mitigate and Sustain Quad at the Visualisation and Response layer. What you see is what you can protect.

See the threats before they see you.

Get a quick report of your company’s Digital risk.  Find  compromised credentials, code leak, leaked classified files, fake domains, rogue applications, misconfigured cloud storage, etc.